My cafe Wild One Wholefoods is all about eating right- without limits. After falling ill whilst backpacking Asia six years ago, I had to remove large food groups from my diet over night and learn how to heal myself with good wholesome food after the medical community (at that time) failed me.

Thus began a long, hard and trying journey, one I am still very much on today. Adhering to a strict vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, low sugar, caffeine and alcohol free diet has changed the way I carry myself in this world. Deep I know. But truly, in changing to a whole-foods diet I have not only shifted into a world of self care and begun mending my body physically and mentally but I have become more aware of the benefits of eating a largely plant based diet, not only for myself but for the environment around me. It has also made me a more conscious consumer in everything that I do- as has running a small business. This journey therefore setting me on a path with endless bounds of learning and opportunities.

Having also suffered from mental illness in my teenage years the approach of holistic wellness is paramount to me. It is not only the food we consume that counts, it is our state of mind, our sense of adventure, our curiosity, our creative output. Hence the categories of this blog being  Food. Explore. Create. 

And so, the idea was formed to start a blog that got a little bit more deep then the shop itself. Here I hope to share with you a world of holistic health with collaborations with a wide range of industries, recipes, adventures and travels and a little more about the real deal of owning a small business so that you too can understand what it means for you- in whatever way you see fit- to become a conscious consumer, a peaceful warrior and WELL. 

Monique x

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